Our company Order Made, was established in 2006. Specialising in tailoring, as well as alteration of fashion apparels. On top of these services, Order Made also have ready-made female apparels for sale off the shelves. Our designs are inspired by fashion magazines, while some are personally designed by the shop owner, every piece is unique, one of a kind.
A good tailor can make the difference between a garment that simply looks okay on you and a garment that looks fantastic on you. We have been altering women and men’s clothes for nearly 30 years with a very high satisfaction rating. All work is GUARANTEED!
From women’s professional wear to casual wear to formal dresses and gowns, our qualified tailors are able to handle all your alterations requirements. Imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit YOU. We offer everything from basic alterations to total restyles for women.
Alternatively, customers also have the freedom to draft out their personalised designs.
Besides that, Order Made can easily transform your old clothing into ‘new’ ones and we can also duplicate exact same piece for our valued customers.
Your wish is our command.


You can create a wonderful wardrobe by having clothing custom tailored. If you are frustrated by what is available in department stores or, because it’s a bargain, you often settle for clothing that almost fits.

If your closet is full of “mistakes” but you find yourself with nothing to wear because the pieces just don’t go together, you have already discovered the reason why few of us can afford to be impulsive shoppers. When choices in the retail market are so limited, prices too high and quality too low, we choose to overlook the imperfections because we have no other choice. The result? It doesn’t fit and you won’t wear it! We offer you an alternative. Our service results in clothing that is personalized for your particular body type, your personal style, colour and preference.




10:00 ~ 21.30